The productivity tools of my trade

If you are close friend of mine, you will probably know I am a bit of a fidget. I don’t like sitting still, I don’t like meetings, I don’t like not doing something. It basically comes down to productivity – am I being as productive as I can be? Am I wasting time?

So if there is an app or process which makes something in my life more efficient or productive, I have probably tried it. I download new apps every month, but few of them actually make the cut into daily or weekly use. The ones that don’t get swiftly removed from my phone. Yes, it does take a change in behaviour on my part to actively use them, but the app also needs to solve a problem, not just roll it in neatly-designed glitter. Over the years, I can safely say these are the ones that have never been removed from my phone, and get used on a near-daily basis. In no particular order...


I am paranoid about forgetting to do things - whether it is to pack a bag, catchup with a friend, book travel or even write this blog post, this app saves my life. It’s simple, it works, it’s great.


I have used TeuxDeux since it’s inception. A stripped-back no-nonsense web-app that syncs with your phone. Set it as your homepage in your browser and you are good to go.


Excellently simple and useful app for managing your finances. Keep track of all your incomes and transactions and have them beautifully displayed in a variety of graphs and charts if you are a geek like me.


I annoy everyone at Realise with my Friday Links email, and it couldn’t be done without Pocket. I rarely have time to look at websites/videos/articles/blogs, so I use Pocket to collect them all and view them later. Being able to view that content offline has saved me from boredom on long journeys a good few times too.


Ok, so it is not on my phone, but Keynote is the perfect presentation tool. As Apple say ‘it just works’. The presenter view is a lifesaver when presenting and having control and your notes via the iPhone app is great. 


A website that produces a variety of sounds and different colours for productivity or relaxation – perfect for when you hit those creative blocks.


Yahoo Weather
If only all products from Yahoo were this great! Brilliant weather app with a brilliantly simple design that uses photos from Flickr that have been tagged with the town/city you are looking at.


The weekend I moved to Edinburgh, I got introduced to RingGo, and wondered why it isn’t used everywhere! Pay for your parking anywhere in Edinburgh (and other major cities). Alerts you when your parking is running out, top it up wherever you are and never have to worry about where the machine is.


I have only recently been introduced to Headspace, but I am already in love with it and its been used every day since I downloaded it. Guided mindfulness meditation without the ‘om’ and crossed legs – great if you struggle sleeping too!


Got some that you think are deserving on being on the list? Let us know.

Screengrab courtesy of Headspace