The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

Think about how exciting it is to find the man or woman of your dreams. You admire them from a distance and meticulously plan the first date, with no effort or expense spared. You do your research and you’re prepped and ready to go. During the date you tell them all the great things about you, a bit about your background and why you would be perfect for them. Forget the other suitors, it’s you they should choose. You’re amazing!

The date goes better than you could hope for and you win their heart. It was worth all the effort. So what happens next? Do you just ignore them and assume the long term relationship will tick along nicely on its own? No, of course not. So why do some agencies do it with their clients? 

It’s a given that agencies want to put their best foot forward at the pitch, but what happens after a win is equally, if not more, important. At Realise we take the second date seriously, and indeed every date after that. We know it is a huge decision to choose a new agency and with 68% of clients working with two agencies or fewer*, the chemistry has to be right. Our onboarding process ensures that when we win business from a new client we continue to make them feel special.

We want to give our new clients continued confidence that they have made the right choice. Our team provide support and clear direction to make the transition as easy as possible, and we make sure everything is in place from day one. 

We know it’s the little things that count, so here are just some of the things we do:

  • Ensure our clients meet the wider team who will be working on their account – the team love to meet the people they are working for – it brings everything to life and we get to share your enthusiasm
  • Get the housekeeping sorted – it has to be done, but we will make it as painless as possible
  • Chat through processes on both sides, to make sure all parties get the best out of the relationship  
  • Agree methods and frequency of communication – we want to be with you as much as you need us
  • Provide a contact list to ensure clients always know the right person to turn to in times of need
  • Discuss how to help the client achieve their goals – we’re in this for the long term – it’s a cliché, but we want to be a partner, not a supplier
  • Provide cakes in meetings, obviously

We’re not saying there won’t be hiccups, but because we work hard at our relationships we’ll be able to work through any problems. After all, strong partnerships are built on listening to each other and investing time on both sides.   

We’ll always be there for you, ready to thrash out ideas and plan projects. We want to challenge and be challenged, add value and make sure we continually share our expertise: all the things that drew our clients to us in the beginning.  

We just know it’s the start of a beautiful relationship.   

* The SoDA Report: Digital Marketing Outlook, 2014