Goodbye DAM, Hello MAD

Realise recently attended the CMO Summit in Dublin.

The CMO Summit offers marketers the opportunity to meet existing and potential new suppliers, network with peers, get insight into the latest marketing trends and attend workshops. The networking opportunity is huge, including the option to share case studies and challenges in closed round table discussions. 

For Realise, the CMO Summit gives us an opportunity to meet with senior marketers, and discuss their challenges and opportunities in depth; coming away from the event with an unrivalled understanding of our potential clients’ challenges.

Throughout the event the importance of maximising visual, rich content for digital engagement was a recurring theme.

This approach was fully utilized in Realise’s recent digital transformation work for iconic American brand Greyhound – incorporating beautiful hand illustrations, paper crafted city and landscapes, plus a huge volume of video as an integral part of the website strategy.

Having recently moved over to agency side myself, following ten years client side, a topic I wanted to learn more about was digital asset management.

Realise has had plenty exposure to digital asset management systems working with many clients across the UK. Often clients are frustrated that the systems don’t live up to the hype and end up being less effective than anticipated – more of a blocker than a facilitator – when implemented.

A good DAM should support the delivery of engaging, content led experiences.

At the summit, Clarity Group chaired a workshop on DAM featuring AB Electrolux, Interface, HP and Telenet.

It was widely acknowledged that the two main drivers for investment into DAMs is two fold:

1)   Efficiency. Why have several disparate systems, when you can have one?

2)   Marketing maturity.  A decent DAM can deliver automated, contextually relevant content – in essence, the right content, at the right time.

Consider these stats regarding the emergence and dominance of rich content:

·      We absorb visual information x50 faster, and retain it 6x more effectively than text

·      The engagement level on Instagram is 15x that of Facebook and 25x Twitter

·      Shoppers who view videos are 147% more likely to add to cart

What became apparent in the session is that as marketers aspire to deliver richer content and experiences for their consumers, suitable systems are required to support and deliver the experience.  The opportunity of having a sophisticated DAM is huge.

In summary, 2015 is the year DAM was rebranded. A bit Caitlin Jenner but without the Vanity Fair cover.

DAM is no more. Now welcome MAD – Marketing Assets on Demand.