5 reasons why you should be using Twitter polls

You’ve written a snappy tweet, used the right hashtags and twitter handles. You’ve even added a photo or a gif to make it pop. What do you get in return? A few likes and a handful of retweets. Not bad, but something’s bothering you. You know you have at least a hundred times the followers than the interactions are showing. So what’s happening?

There’s likely a silent majority who’d rather passively consume your content than interact.

Not everyone is going to want to interact with your posts, but these people still make up the bulk of your Twitter audience. So how do you encourage them to get involved? And how do you get the most out of their involvement? The answer is simple – Twitter polls.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be using Twitter polls as part of your social content strategy:

1. They’re easy to make

Select the pie chart icon in your ‘compose new tweet’ box and away you go. You can have up to 4 options of 25 characters each. What’s more, these don’t subtract from your 144-character allowance for the question, so feel free to add those hashtags.

2. They break up the feed

Tweet, gif, image, tweet. Your Twitter feed is an ever-flowing stream of content begging to be read. How refreshing is the poll that breaks up all that noise! Finally, after trawling through everyone else’s opinions, someone’s asking for yours. Also the visual difference between polls and regular posts can make all the difference when it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention.

3. They simplify the interaction

Outside of ‘like’s, online interactions take a little effort. Retweeting requires thought; everyone is a content curator these days and your audience is just as picky about what they share as you are. As for commenting, you’ve got to be confident to reply to a major brand.

Here’s where Twitter polls have an incredible advantage: they make it easy for people to engage. You don’t have to think of a comment or consider if this is something you want to share with your followers. You don’t even have to think of an option. You simply tick a box. By simplifying the interaction you increase the likelihood that people will get involved.

For example, we advised one of our clients to use polls as part of their social campaign promoting a special offer. Their regular tweets usually get about 10-20 interactions. The first poll got just under 1,000 votes in one day

4. They give you insight into your Twitter audience

Global Web Index is great. But what if you just want to quickly check something by your customers? You don’t want to scroll through piles of data to find something that might be relevant. Twitter polls let you ask your audience directly. Granted, this is only the section of your audience that’s on Twitter, but it can still give you a glimmer of insight.

For example, during a social campaign for a travel client, we posted a poll asking what folks would do on their first day on holiday: Hit the beach or chow down on tasty seafood. We were sure the beach was going to win. However, to our surprise, seafood won instead. We tested this and found that food options often gained more votes than other options.

5. They make your brand more approachable

Nothing says we’re open for conversation like asking a question. Brands need to earn trust by proving that their customers’ needs come first. The best way to start doing that is to ask your audience for their opinion. It shows your audience that you’re invested in their needs and their preferences and that you’re genuine in your desire to build your brand in collaboration with your customers.

In short, incorporating Twitter polls into your social media strategy is a no-brainer. They encourage engagement, provide an insight into your Twitter audience and can be used effectively by pretty much every industry.

It just goes to show that the best way to get something is to simply ask.