B2B is our B&B

Struck me yesterday that I’m proud to say we have a long standing track record servicing B2B clients. It’s been our bread and butter from the very start of the agency, and although we have in recent years actively courted and being asked to work for some great B2C brands, it’s a heritage that has stood us well. B2B often gets overlooked. It’s the poor cousin. Nobody shows great examples of it at conferences. There are a lot less books on it written by agency superstars. The awards aren’t nearly as glamorous.

Yet the challenge is almost tougher to do well in B2B. The budgets can be smaller. The constraints and governance more restrictive. The audience less forgiving.

We’ve done some of our best work in this space. Website design for intermediaries. Portals for dealers. Mobile apps for sales teams. For Lloyds Banking Group, Standard Life Investments, Black Horse, Hyster, Yale to name some of the brands who’ve contributed to our folio.

Who needs shiny trophies anyway. I’m happy with a pat on the back from the client and the satisfaction of their next brief.