Context is king

Something has really struck a chord with me of late. You have to understand the context of the question to understand how to create the desired outcome.

Too often we get approached and much of the decision making is done – build this, execute that.

But for an agency to truly add value, you need to understand the why.

Why the request.

Why the suggestion.

Why the approach has been decided that way.

Not rush headlong into getting started.

It takes confidence to make a client stop.

It takes conviction to get them to think again.

It takes determination to change a planned behaviour.

But it pays over and over again when you do.

Digital cannot just be about getting a website live, or running a campaign or interacting in social.

It’s about creating experiences online for customers whose subsequent actions then create return for the client – they stay longer, they buy more, they spread the good word.

Let’s all remember to draw breath the next time we get asked by a distress client to “quick, make it happen”.

Instead let’s understand the context for the request and make sure we’re as focused as we can be in our approach to making great things happen.