Ektron & The Modern Marketing Manifesto

Ashley Freidlein at eConsultancy recently presented his Modern Marketing Manifesto (MMM from now on for short), and we’ve got a lot of time for it. It’s a concise, straight talking assessment of how marketing has changed in the digital era, and how we, as modern marketers, also need to adapt.  I strongly recommend reading it – if only because the rest of this post won’t make much sense otherwise.

Technology plays a huge part in making modern marketing a success – so much so that it’s called out explicitly in the MMM. “Technology is an enabler, rather than a solution in itself” – so how does the MMM affect Ektron, and what can Ektron do to enable success in the MMM age?

Strategy: the MMM advocates marketers sitting at the board table, and digital thinking being embedded in marketing strategies as a matter of course. We’re seeing this more often, and as the profile of marketing and digital increases within a business, the decision making around which partners and products to work with also rises upwards. Ektron is increasingly seen as a strategic, rather than tactical, tool in our client’s enterprise.

Commercial: Ektron were way ahead of the curve with this one – they have long recognised the need to convert content to revenue, and continue to add ways to measure and optimise against key commercial metrics.

Customer Experience: Where to start with this one? It’s clear that Ektron have long since moved beyond just WCM and into the CXM world – a view validated by the major researchers. Of course, exceptional customer experience involves more than just the online experience, but Ektron gives us the ability to put the individual needs of customers first, and deliver content and experiences that delight and convert.

Integration: In context of the MMM, this refers to the fact that customers experience a brand across a number of channels, and increasingly mobile. Ektron enables us to offer optimised experiences with consistent branding across mobile and web (and kiosk, and TV and Pebble…). And by integrating (via DXH) CRM, Analytics and Marketing Automation with Ektron we can measure, adapt and manage that message, wherever the customer chooses to interact with us.

Data: as the MMM says: Data is the bedrock upon which successful research, segmentation, marketing automation, targeting and personalisation are built’. Even as a standalone product, before hooking in other sources, we have so much data available to us to segment, target and personalise within Ektron, which brings us nicely to the next point…

Personalisation: “Personalisation offers the greatest opportunity to transform what customers currently get”.  Another area Ektron were well ahead of the curve, and from what we’ve seen of future releases (giving nothing away) it’s going to get easier and easier to truly personalise your content to your visitor.

Creative: “We need creativity just as much as we need technology”. Ektron has never constrained our creative team. Ever.

Content: So, Ektron is never going to magically enable you to create better content (spell check aside). But – it will allow you to model it for use on and offsite, make it work hard for your business, and measure it’s impact and effect. Without it content marketing is just writing stuff.

Social: social continues to change the way we interact with each other – personally and in a business capacity. Ektron’s social tools are often overlooked – we used them to change the way ICAS’s 19,000 members interact and engage with each other.


If you’ve got this far and you didn’t read the Modern Marketing Manifesto, go read it now. The world is changing. We need to change and we need the right tools to help us do our job. Ektron never stands still and remains an essential part of our toolkit to stay relevant and effective.