Enjoy 2014

It’s the official first day back and I feel I need to set the tone for the year. I read a blog that said you need to keep things to “one word” to make it memorable.

So what word might be most fitting as a direction for 2014.


I thought about Courage.

The need to believe in ourselves as an agency.

To continue to forge our way in a cluttered digital agency landscape and be bold in our approach to win big, executive brilliantly, service without falter.


I thought about Growth.

The need to stretch ourselves, as people, as teams, as a business.

To add more talent into the family, more big names onto our client list, more services to the breadth of our capability.


I thought about Drive.

The need to simply get on with it, never stop, keep pushing, always be moving forward.

To do more each and every day and make every hour, action, interaction count.


I ended up choosing Enjoy.

The need to get up in the morning with a sense of purpose and an energy to succeed.

Because Realise is an agency which does succeed.

We are determined.

We are strong.

We are ambitious.

We are conscientious.

We are committed.

We are real.

We are family.

As a family we do it together – we laugh, we cry, we celebrate, we commiserate, we succeed, we falter.

But every step is one in the right direction and one to savour and enjoy.


This, like every year I have worked at Realise, will be career defining. More lessons – some painful, some joyful. More change – some difficult, some easy.

But I am going to smile through it all.

Enjoy 2014 and all it brings.