etailers and search that sucks

eTailers – Why your web, mobile and App search just isn’t good enough today.

Here's a familiar scenario. You are a vendor and I am a customer. I want to spend some money with you.

I'm sat on the sofa half-watching the TV whilst thinking about shopping for a few things on my smartphone or tablet.

I visit your mobile website or App. As soon as I start using it to search for products I realise something.

It's rubbish.

The search experience is not worthy of this device. Really, it feels like something I used on my desktop in 2005.

I simply can't be bothered putting the effort in to use it. I'm trying to spend money with you and yet the search experience on your mobile site or App is just terrible.

I'll go to Amazon instead. Theirs is cool and with Amazon Prime and One-Click Shopping the rest of the experience is cool too.

You just lost my business.

But get this - I'm not talking about one particular site or App today, I’m talking about many of them.


What is going on?


To help answer this requires some deeper analysis so we wrote a white paper and our partners at SRCH2 have blogged about it here.

A search box is a key marketing tool, it captures our intent to potentially buy something.

With SRCH2 this can now be optimised across all platforms, there is no longer any excuse for poor search.