Gigglemaps - Searching the Fringe

At Realise we are always looking to innovate. In 2011 we developed a mobile web application that used Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s API to help users locate shows going on around them - Gigglemaps. This year we have re-launched Gigglemaps which now makes use of the latest search technology from SRCH2 to help finding the show you are looking for even easier.


Key to the new version is the latest ‘as you type’ technology which allows you to locate shows and venues of interest, showing these as a list or laid out on a map relative to your location. This provides an optimal way to search large amounts of geo-located content on mobile today.

Interacting with search results allows users to see the latest programme schedules, venue details, ticket availability and link through to booking.

This is just one example of how Realise encourages it staff to be creative and make use of the latest technology in fun and innovate ways. The update makes use of the very latest advances in optimised mobile search technology, SRCH2, with content provided by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe API as before.



View it here: