Happy, or just content?

As you'd expect from a Head of Content Strategy, Owen Booth has a wonderful way with words. Here are a few of my favourite choice phrases from the article by him, just published in Figaro Magazine: "Of course, high-end, luxury brands have been doing this sort of thing for years - mainly because actively selling to people is so, well, common."

"Wasting people’s time is never good marketing."

"What do you mean, you’re not sure that you do have anything useful and interesting to say? Of course you do. You’re a beautiful and unique flower, just like everybody else."

"Surely nobody setting out to create branded content has a checklist that starts:  ‘1.This content must be entertaining otherwise no one will want to watch it.’  Nobody I want to work with, anyway."

Treat yourself to a cup of tea or coffee and head over to Figaro Digital for a good read.