How brands #RuinAMovieQuote


Trends are a dime a dozen, but occasionally one catches your eye and you can’t help but get sucked in.I loved yesterday’s hashtag battle of #RuinAMovieQuote trend, which began trending in morning and accumulated nearly 100K tweets in just a few hours. Star Wars quickly emerged as a popular theme, along with many other classics.

“May divorce be with you” “Luke I am your father-in-law” “Frankly, I don’t give a ham” “No one puts baldy in a corner”

However, I was most interested to see which brands picked up the trend and made it their own. Surprisingly, there weren’t as many examples as I would have thought – given how easy it was to get in on the action. All it takes is a google search of famous quotes, and a bit of fun with words. (At least that’s what us copywriters call fun.)

I have published my findings, with examples of brands that got it right, and thought-starters for the ones that didn’t. And I’m delighted to say the winner (as chosen by me) was in fact from Financial Services – NatWest Bank with: “The name is Bond. Fixed Rate Bond.”

See all the runners up here.