Owen Booth wins The White Review award

Some of you may be familiar with our Content Strategy Director, Owen Booth. He is the smart cookie who has helped develop the campaign content for Standard Life Investments Global Ryder Cup Sponsorship and Standard Life’s Andy Murray Sponsorship. He also worked on OVO Energy’s award winning ‘Feel Loved Again’ integrated campaign – scripting the video shorts used across digital channels. While we’ve always known how talented he is, he now also has nationwide recognition. Owen’s short story ‘I Told You I’d Buy You Anything You Wanted So You Asked For A Submarine Fleet’ has won The White Review’s third annual Short Story Prize. This is the most prominent annual short story competition in Britain and Ireland for unpublished writers.

This is a fantastic achievement for Owen personally. If you’ve worked with him in the past  it will come as no surprise. If you’ve not – you’ve now got the opportunity to work with an award winning writer and content producer!

Owen himself had a few words on the subject:

"I’d like to pretend there's a clever content strategy behind the way I approach writing short stories. But that would be insane. Never, ever trust someone who tells you they use content strategy to write stories.

I write stories because I can’t not write them. I like making stuff. And I like making stuff that people will like. Stuff that’s funny or beautiful or inspiring or even just useful (never underestimate the importance of ‘useful’). Stuff that tells stories.

Sometimes it ends up being called content. But it’s still films or words or pictures. It’s still stuff that means something to someone. Because who wants to make stuff that doesn’t mean anything? That isn’t useful to the people who, well, use it? Not me. Not us. And hopefully, not the people we love working with."

Well done Owen, we're all really proud of you.