It's a family affair

How would you describe the word ‘family’? Perhaps something along the lines of: ‘A bunch of people cooped up under the same roof and who have one name in common’? Well if you think about it, the same could be said for the term ‘work family’. And just as you don’t get to choose your family members, you don’t get to choose your work colleagues either. The Realise family is particularly diverse. And while this can lead to sibling rivalry at times, it also fosters some unique and rewarding bonds between people who wouldn’t otherwise cross paths. People who are good with numbers and those who prefer words. People who are scientifically minded and those who are abstract and critical thinkers. People who have had long, fruitful careers in digital marketing and graduates who are just starting out. People who like to be led and those who prefer to lead.

What ties all these different people together are a few common traits we share. You could call these the Realise Family Values.

  • We are dedicated, hardworking and determined individuals who don’t give up easily. If a new business pitch or project doesn’t go the way we expected, we make it our mission to better ourselves and create new opportunities.
  • We are passionate about digital and how it can help our clients achieve their objectives and grow their business. New technology excites us (in varying degrees of nerdiness) because it allows us to constantly challenge the status quo and push digital boundaries.
  • We are sociable. Whether we are trying to solve a problem, brainstorm ideas or plan a night out, we like to do it together.
  • And most importantly, we care. We care about the quality of the work we produce individually and as a team. We care about our reputation as an agency. And we care about each other. 

For me, it’s these people – my large and ever-expanding work family – who make Realise such a great place to be.

After all, an agency is only as good its people and the ideas, experience and skills those people have to offer.