It’s hip to be square. Or round. Or triangular shaped...

We spend a great deal of time recruiting at Realise. A great thing as I see it. One, it means we are getting bigger. Two, it means an opportunity to bring in fresh blood. Hot new bright things or experienced in the tooth smartypants. Or something in between. And here’s the rub. Often recruiters will ask us for the job spec. And that’s not easy. Sure there are some things that you can write down that explain the shape of the role, the key responsibilities, the essential skills and qualifications that mean (on paper) you’ll be the right candidate.

But the beauty of agency life (and the thing that defines you as an agency) is your flexibility. You need to be able to bend yourselves around the client, the project, the candidate.

Maximum agility and suppleness is a must! Nothing brings more joy then stumbling across a candidate who doesn’t quite fit the bill, but fits a far more important bill you hadn’t quite thought of until you sat at the table interviewing them. The moment when you get the lightbulb above your head and realise “he/she is going to make a massive difference doing this right now for us”.

So talented digital people of the world. I call upon you now. If you think you’ll add something to Team Realise then get in touch. Make me want to write you your very own job spec.