“It’s the magic and the logic Caroline”. Yes, yes it is.

I like to think of Client Services as the corner bits to a puzzle. They are the structure that holds the pieces in place, and without them it’s all a bit wobbly. However, given the type of human that it takes to make a complicated job look easy, it’s no wonder that the discipline has been split into two. But WHY you cry! Where is the line drawn, and what is the meaningful difference between a Project Manager and an Account Manager.  It’s an argument I myself have had relentlessly thought my career and one that inevitably spirals off into many directions. Through my exposure to great working minds in the industry at one stage or another I have been let into a secret. Someone once stopped me mid-sentence and said “It’s the magic and the logic Caroline”. Yes, yes it is.

Project Management is the logic to get everything in the box working and Account Management is the magic to bring the box to life. Both are arts in their own right, and need to be cultivated as such. One doesn’t work without the other and to truly think outside the box we need to get inside, crawl around, poke at the corners, take it apart, put it back together again and then wrap it up in beautiful paper. It’s a gift.

And for great gifts in our industry you need both logic and magic.