Creating memorable marketing moments is what every brand is striving to do these days. They can be truly powerful when they happen.

And they don’t take that much to do.

My old boss used to call them “light touches” – when the unexpected happens and you are left with a smile on your face. Something just a little extraordinary.

I often think it is the brands operating in the travel and tourism industry that have the best chances of creating them. Because, after all, you are predisposed to having more than a moment or two when you go off looking for an adventure.

I experienced the London Eye for the first time this weekend.

And from the top of it I had a moment that took my breath away – London at night, the lights on, the sky dark, a collective sense of amazement at the city below us.

What also caught my attention was the red pod on the wheel as we went round. It stood out as the only coloured one. Was it a premium pod with leather seats? Was there a bar in that pod? Was it reserved for royalty or celebrity (one in the same these days)?  I decided to ask. It was the “corporate sponsor” pod.  What a disappointment.  What a letdown.  Someone spoiling my moment by slapping their logo across it and showing me their advert as I travelled the 360 degrees.

And this is the lesson for brands. It has to feel they are part of it, standing alongside you in the pod, gawping and gasping at the sights. Not that they are the people being kind enough to share it with you and granting you some special privilege in return for loyalty to their cause.

Because when they are part of the scenery and not obscuring the view, it really is a sight to remember and cherish.