Our ever growing family tree

We've had a year of growing our family so much that we’re now bursting at the seams and thinking of creating bunk-desks! So many new faces have joined the Realise team this year and it’s amazing how quickly they've become one of us.

We thought their words say more than we ever could about the experience.


Joanna Hannam, Business Director:


Realisers are a unique breed of people – passionate, workaholics and generally completely bonkers. Add the great mix of industries, challenges and some fantastic clients makes every day unique. It’s a fabulous place to work.


Beatrice Palacios, Senior Account Executive:


After randomly connecting with Executive Creative Director Don Smith and hearing about the cutting-edge work at Realise, I knew that a digital agency was the place for me. Meeting the extraordinary MD Fiona Proudler just sealed the deal.  Three weeks on, I am starting to work with clients and, thanks to some lovely colleagues, I’m learning to swim through impossible spreadsheets (the accountability systems are exhaustive!). Scottish winter is coming, so the free  bacon rolls, fruit and Friday’s beer o’clock have been a very welcome perk to ease me into life in Edinburgh.


Rob Drury, Account Director:


It’s very simple. Why do I love it? The dedication of people at all levels to deliver and the desire to have fun whilst we do it.