Performance Metrics – Am I Smiling?

Analytics. Everybody’s wants to know the score. It’s all about the return these days. At a conference recently a supposedly wise man said “data is not about keeping scores – it’s about planning your next move”. I applauded loudly.

But then I had a long think about what he said and tried to translate it back into the boardrooms and round tables that we sit at day in, day out.

Could any one of our clients take that attitude as they presented up the line – “guys, don’t worry about the fact the campaign didn’t deliver the 10% uplift in sales we needed, it tells us we need to try harder next time”.

I’m being a tad glib. But you’ll get my drift.

But clients need results. And it’s great that they do. It keeps agencies on their toes. It gives us something to perform to. It drives the most competitive amongst us to push ourselves as hard and fast as we can to deliver the digital goods that will translate into uplifts, conversions, engagements, conversations and more.

How great it then was to sit with a very senior client today. A hugely experienced individual who said to me that all he wants is to smile.

That every time he meets with his agency he wants to have a huge grin on his face.

That this is his metric of success.

He felt that yes, the numbers tell a story. But if you have not built up a relationship with an agency that makes you able to have a feeling about whether the strategy is working or not working (and within that whether they performed or not), then you might as well become a bean counter yourself.

Like me, he believes in good old fashioned metrics. And the qualitative not the quantitative. That’s not to say the numbers are not important, but when it comes to doing business well, it has to be about more than just the numbers.

And that made me smile.


Image Credit: Andre Silva, used under Creative Commons license