Philips brushes up nicely

So, you might have noticed that yesterday Colgate had something of a marketing 'mare. Long story short: they'd offered top of the range electronic toothbrushes for free if you exchanged your grotty old worn out one with them. Demand by far outstretched their capability to fulfill and their stand was over-run, with the staff abandoning it and leaving a sour taste in the mouth (sorry) of the punters who'd turned up at 5.30 to take advantage of the offer.

I'm not going to lay into Colgate here. What impressed me was Phillips very agile response, placing the following ad in the Times the next day, just a couple of pages behind the Times' coverage:



No need to mention their competitor. Not everyone will get it. But for those that do, they have defended their premium position and had a bit of fun sticking it Colgate at the same time.

It's another example of the need for marketing teams to be agile - and not just in 'social media', but potentially across all channels. Econsultancy recently did a good round up on agile marketing examples if you want more.

And here's an image of the original article (credit The Times 10/7/2013):