Planning developments

Experimentation is afoot in the planning department (all legal and above board, I hasten to add). We’ve had several really exciting projects to work on lately, which have meant going out and talking to a huge variety of people – from fishmongers to yoga teachers, opticians to antiques sellers. In the past, we’ve done the same – gone out, asked the apposite questions, got people chatting, then come back to report the insights we’d gleaned back to the client. So far, so normal for a planning department. But one day… one of the team was wondering how we could improve the process. We’d had a meeting or two where we were convinced that what we were reporting was accurate, but all our data seemed to lack a certain something – were we being as compelling as we could possibly be? How could we improve?

The answer came as a blinding flash of light. (Oh alright – it wasn’t that dramatic. But that sounds impressive.) We considered how much video we were now consuming in our everyday lives, and thus how much our clients might similarly be watching. They’re all busy people – we needed a way for them to be rapidly convinced that we weren’t simply plucking thoughts from the air. What better way than by producing film footage of the interviews we were undertaking?

We are in the early stages of experimenting with videography still, but already the effect has been enormous. With the first two video-based presentations under our belts, it’s evident that nothing beats the impact of showing real consumers to our clients. Our insights can now be clearly shown to have a factual basis – and with any doubts as to our conclusions’ validity smoothed away, Realise can get on with helping clients produce top-notch digital work.