Success is a habit

I’m going to credit Carolyn Spencer at the Institute of Chartered accountants Scotland for this particular saying. She shared it with me last week when we met to talk about how to achieve real progress in a business.

I’ve always believed (and in fact there’s plenty of evidence to support) that Realise has had a success culture.

We work incredibly hard in order to ensure this is the case.

We want to do well. Not just because it feels good, but because we take our responsibility to clients seriously.

It’s why we are trying to encourage more clients to define success at the outset of the project.

It’s why we push to understand how they will measure whether the project has delivered (or not) for their business.

It’s why we have hired an industry heavyweight, Andy Wong (formerly of LBi London) to help create frameworks of meaning to support this ambition.

It’s not enough just “to do”. We should all want “to do brilliantly”.

I talk a lot as a Managing Director about the need to continually improve. It’s not that I am not already fiercely proud of all the team or all the work that we do. It’s just I never believe you’ve done your best. I always believe you can do better.

And I enjoy sharing the success with our staff. Because let’s face it, I can only achieve it because of their sterling efforts.