West Coast on the East Coast

Travelling from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross on the East Coast is a regular activity of the Realise team. We should have our own carriage by now.

As a Glaswegian who makes the trip each and every week, I always enjoy some of my interactions with fellow passengers.

I’ve made a habit of getting to know the people across from me or beside me.

It’s network(rail)ing if you want.

A chance to talk in a relaxed environment about the work that you do and hear about professionals in other walks of life.

It never ceases to amaze me how small the world is and how often you’ll find your “six degrees of separation” moment before you get to Darlington.

Realise is a social agency.

I don’t mean social social (although of course we play in that space).

I mean we’re people who like people, who feel good about our ability to build strong, long lasting relationships – no matter where they start.

And an agency who understands the journey that a client goes through in selecting an agency and putting their faith in their ability to deliver.

It’s a journey that can have some ups and downs but when ventured upon together, can reap powerful rewards for all.

And it all starts with a conversation.

Just not all of them with some clotted cream shortbread on the side.

So anytime you want to talk to us, just reach out.