The Oldest Trick In The Book, Or Why Content Marketing Is Just Good Storytelling.

The importance of finding the right narrative.

25/06/15 by Owen Booth

Should We Think Like Einstein When We Are Talking About Measurement?

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” - Albert Einstein

23/06/15 by Andy Wong

The Scottish Design Summit 2015

Held in Edinburgh last month, the Scottish Design Summit featured an eclectic mix of high profile figures from the UK and international design industry. Through talks, workshops and an exhibition

17/06/15 by Gordon Carmichael

Getting customer service on Twitter right

Gregor discusses his recent customer service experiences on Twitter, and how they differed.

08/06/15 by Gregor Matheson
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Humanising Digital

Brands today talk about wanting to deliver a more human experience across digital channels, but what does this mean and how can brands achieve this?

03/06/15 by Rory MacRae

Freakishly Fantastic Fun Friday Links

It's the last Friday of May, so Gregor brings you the best of the weird and wonderful from the last month.

29/05/15 by Gregor Matheson
Customer experience transformation - the new black

Customer Experience Transformation is the new black!

As a marketing chap with a few remaining shreds of self-awareness I both love and loathe a buzzword or two. We’ve all heard them bandied about – “Wearables” was very

28/05/15 by Moshe Braun

Destination North Star

Read about our MD's customer experience journey on one of her recent countless train rides.

26/05/15 by Fiona Proudler

Owen Booth wins The White Review award

Owen’s short story ‘I Told You I’d Buy You Anything You Wanted So You Asked For A Submarine Fleet’ had won The White Review’s third annual Short Story Prize.

07/05/15 by Rory MacRae

The secret to living is giving

Gregor takes you through his partnership with Edinburgh College and discusses how mentoring doesn't just benefit the students.

27/03/15 by Gregor Matheson

This one time, at MeasureCamp….

Read about our Account Manager Rebecca's experience at MeasureCamp where she got a great insight into the fun and wonderful world of analytics.

16/03/15 by Rebecca Vickery

Freakishly Fantastic Fun Friday Links

It's the last Friday of February, so Gregor brings you the his favourite things from the digital spectrum from the last month.

27/02/15 by Gregor Matheson

Standing in the way of control

Gregor shares his reasons for switching to a standing desk, and why he won't be switching back anytime soon.

by Gregor Matheson

Digital Finance Conference, March 2015

At Realise we are constantly working with our clients to deliver deeper engagement through innovative digital experiences. For our Financial services (FS) clients such as Standard Life Investments, HSBC and

24/02/15 by Paul Diamond

Making A Splash With Spirals

David discusses his latest side-project. It was pretty, distracting, clever and popular. Much like him.

06/02/15 by David Storey

Brands looking to bond should look beyond digital

It will come to no surprise to some that Dave Ward grew up in a pub. He discussed the role of a physical presence to complement your online brand.

02/12/14 by Dave Ward

Hello Giggles

A content strategy all about positivity. How lovely!

05/11/14 by Veronika Bridgman

Dr Who Starring You shortlisted for The Digitals

Ooo-eee-ooooooo: we're ready to #savetheday all over again.

31/10/14 by Nathan Fulwood

Making sense of the new world order

Fiona, our MD, on the role of Realise in a world where marketing is changing constantly.

14/10/14 by Fiona Proudler

Drum Digital Census 2014

Fiona Proudler is chuffed to bits.

01/10/14 by Fiona Proudler

More than meets the eye

Parissa discusses the value of cohorts in analytics.

by Parissa Assadi

Freakishly Fantastic Fun Friday Links

Yes, it’s the last Friday of the month already! Time to sit back, relax and enjoy the internet’s best creative content of the past month…enjoy! KLM keep coming out with

26/09/14 by Gregor Matheson

The Singing Telegram

Creative Director Dave Ward laments the return of the voice mail thanks to io6.

by Dave Ward

Tyres, razors and how automation is the new normal

Our Head of Marketing Technology compares two recent purchases of manly products, and identifies some quick wins for one of them.

20/08/14 by Nathan Fulwood

Google’s missing bit to personalisation perfection

Veronika wants the option to tweak her digital stalker.

08/08/14 by Veronika Bridgman

You’re a business development director…what the hell does that mean?!?

So, here it comes….that seemingly innocuous question; “ Tell me Moshe, what is it you do for a living?”. This should be rather easy, but even after 10 years in

22/07/14 by Moshe Braun
World cup heartache

Insurance not innovative? Balls to that.

I was tickled today to read that a Chinese insurance company, An Cheng, has created a new product – “World Cup Heartbreak Insurance”.  The policy can be bought for the

03/07/14 by Jenni Gill
RAR Awards 2014 - Winner - Web Design

RAR Digital Awards

Hot on the heels of our ‘Highly Commended’ award at last week’s Brand Republic awards was a double nomination at this year’s RAR Digital Awards. The difference with the RAR

11/06/14 by Rory MacRae
Brand Republic Digital Awards, 2014 Highly Commended

Brand Republic Digital Awards

Last night Brand Republic held their annual Digital Awards. A chance to dust down our Sunday best, Realise were represented at the awards thanks to our Facebook campaign to promote

04/06/14 by Rory MacRae

A Bitcoin Adventure

David Storey gets his hands dirty with Bitcoin.

22/05/14 by David Storey

Ektron Synergy 2014

Nathan and Dave are back from Ektron Synergy 2014. This is what they thought of it.

16/05/14 by Nathan Fulwood

The impersonal is dead

The impersonal is dead, long live the freakily well-targeted Whilst researching trends for a pitch today, the same word kept emerging over and over again – personalisation, personalisation, personalisation. All

12/05/14 by Jenni Gill
Realise BIMA ThirstDay

Beer & Skittles & Games: Realise host BIMA night

The title pretty much sums it up (read: drinks and games industry event). On 1st May, Realise once again sponsored BIMA ThirstDay – a networking event for digital folk that

06/05/14 by Veronika Bridgman
Bond web

How brands #RuinAMovieQuote

Trends are a dime a dozen, but occasionally one catches your eye and you can’t help but get sucked in. I loved yesterday’s hashtag battle of #RuinAMovieQuote trend, which began trending in

30/04/14 by Veronika Bridgman
Gordon-Ramsay-007 v32

Manners not on the menu

I always was a fan of Gordon Ramsay. I loved his passion. His determination to get things done brilliantly. The fact he was willing to speak his mind even if

28/04/14 by Fiona Proudler

Rethinking the Funnel

The modern Marketing professional is both blessed and cursed. Blessed with the vast array of new channels at their disposal and the rapid development in technologies and analytic tools. But

07/04/14 by Bill Rogers

Data is beautiful

When you look at data, what does it tell you? Is it just a row of random numbers that means something to one person but absolutely nothing to another. Numbers

04/04/14 by Andy Wong
Realise new hires

3 is the magic number

We’re always on the look out for exceptional people to join the Realise family, and what do you know? Three have come along at once: Andy Wong joins us in

31/03/14 by Emma Murray

If you don’t know where you are going – how can you get there?

Justin Small, Director of UX & Strategy, muses on the importance of storytelling.

by Justin Small
Guess their age?

Guess Their Age?

We’ve said it before and we will say it again but working at Realise doesn’t really feel like working, it’s more like going out to play with your friends. Creating

14/03/14 by Emma Murray
Augmented Reality

Realise named preferred Aurasma partner

Somewhere, deep in the heart of Texas (Austin), Aurasma have just launched Aurasma 3.0, and recommended Realise as one of 10 preferred global agency partners. We’re delighted with this news

11/03/14 by Nathan Fulwood

Success is a habit

Why we work hard.

10/03/14 by Fiona Proudler

St Ives acquire Realise

St Ives further strengthens Digital capabilities with acquisition of Realise

03/03/14 by Tony Murphy

What cooking and content have in common. (A lot.)

Creating great content is not unlike cooking. But then again, I don’t cook by the book. I start with ingredients and a purpose. First, I lay out all the foods

05/02/14 by Veronika Bridgman

It’s a family affair

Account Manager Rebecca Vickery on the parallels between agency and family life and values.

31/01/14 by Rebecca Vickery

“It’s the magic and the logic Caroline”. Yes, yes it is.

Caroline would share the secret to great client service but she can't: she's bound by the Magician's code.

22/01/14 by Caroline Benson

Happy, or just content?

Owen Booth, our Head of Content Strategy, shares his thoughts on creating informative, useful content with Figaro Magazine.

10/01/14 by Nathan Fulwood

Introducing Justin Small

Expecting big things.

07/01/14 by Nathan Fulwood

Enjoy 2014

Agency MD Fiona sums up her hopes for 2014 in one word.

06/01/14 by Fiona Proudler

Our ever growing family tree

We’ve had a year of growing our family so much that we’re now bursting at the seams and thinking of creating bunk-desks! So many new faces have joined the Realise

18/12/13 by Rory MacRae

A branded content lesson from Patagonia

Worn Wear is a ridiculously lovely, thoughtful and moving film from outdoor gear company Patagonia. It features people telling the stories behind their favourite piece of Patagonia clothing – from a

10/12/13 by Owen Booth

Why a hacked dating site is bad news for everybody

Senior Developer David Storey explains why the breach of a dating site's security is bad news for 'us', good news for hackers everywhere.

22/11/13 by David Storey
Dragon Boat 2

We don’t give 100% of ourselves to our work …

Rob Drury reflects on the importance of remembering that there's life outside the agency walls.

19/11/13 by Rob Drury
Strangers on a Train copy

West Coast on the East Coast

Travelling from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross on the East Coast is a regular activity of the Realise team. We should have our own carriage by now. As a Glaswegian

15/11/13 by Fiona Proudler

Digital Volunteering

Aside from my day to day role as Operations Manager at Realise I volunteer for the Edinburgh branch of Macmillan Cancer Support.  Just this year two close friends and a

13/11/13 by Grant Crain

Context is king

Something has really struck a chord with me of late. You have to understand the context of the question to understand how to create the desired outcome. Too often we

11/11/13 by Fiona Proudler

FT embrace Digital First

An insight into how the FT are pursuing their digital first strategy, and rebuilding trust as they proceed.

14/10/13 by Nathan Fulwood

The Content Machine

If we’re all publishers now – bloggers, tweeters, photo sharers, commentators, status updaters, product reviewers, content curators – where does that leave the actual publishing industry?

11/10/13 by Owen Booth

Back to School

Jennifer Gill from the Planning team heads back to Napier University, this time as a guest lecturer rather than a student.

08/10/13 by Jenni Gill

Gov.UK Crowned

Gordon Carmichael shares why he feels the user-centric site is a worthy Design of the Year winner.

30/08/13 by Gordon Carmichael

Kevin Spacey’s Mobile Content Strategy

Kevin Spacey’s McTaggart Lecture at the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival last week should be required reading for anyone interested in mobile content.

27/08/13 by Owen Booth

My 10 Commandments of Client Service

Roughly a year into joining Realise, Account Executive Rebecca Vickery shares what she's observed about thriving and surviving in a busy client service team.

26/08/13 by Rebecca Vickery

The Mobile Content Strategy Challenge

Slightly scary statistic #1: Mobile devices now account for over 30% of all UK website page views. Slightly scary statistic #2: 90% of mobile internet users regularly start a task

21/08/13 by Owen Booth

We’re going to need a bigger elevator

If I had a pound for everytime I am asked what our “elevator pitch” is, I’d not need to be pitching anymore.

15/08/13 by Fiona Proudler

B2B is our B&B

Struck me yesterday that I’m proud to say we have a long standing track record servicing B2B clients.

by Fiona Proudler

It’s hip to be square. Or round. Or triangular shaped…

The joy of the unexpected. A word from our MD.

12/08/13 by Fiona Proudler

So hot right now….

Hot? Moi? Fiona Proudler, Realise's MD, included in BIMA's inaugural Hot 100.

by Fiona Proudler

Making eyes

A recent article by Scott Elser on Inc advised people to think of their website as being on a first date...

08/08/13 by Rob Drury

Gigglemaps – Searching the Fringe

At Realise we are always looking to innovate. In 2011 we developed a mobile web application that used Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s API to help users locate shows going on around

07/08/13 by Rory MacRae
cover photo850x400

Fields of Glory

The London office recently invaded Highbury Fields en masse to compete in the first annual Realise Croquet Match, the prize for which was the highly coveted ‘Golden Waistcoat’.

by Charlotte Ethrington

Planning developments

Video killed the audio transcript star.

by Jenni Gill

Online in 60 seconds…

Ever considered what can be done in 60 seconds?

05/08/13 by Paul Diamond

etailers and search that sucks

Here's a familiar scenario. You are a vendor and I am a customer. I want to spend some money with you.

by Karl Hampson

Nothing to be embarrassed about

Realise's mobile STI Checker for C4's Embarrassing Bodies. Keep it clean.

25/07/13 by Greg Moss

The Art of Scrolling

The recent development of web technologies and increased bandwidth speeds have spurred the proliferation of new page designs....

24/07/13 by Gordon Carmichael

Corporate Comms Awards

We were delighted for our work with AXA on the Little Big Things campaign to be Highly Commended in the Best Use of Video category at the recent CorpComms magazine awards.

19/07/13 by Nathan Fulwood

DADI Awards 2013

4 nominations - Creative Team, Beam Me Up x 2 and Hyster & Yale websites. Whoop!

18/07/13 by Nathan Fulwood

Performance Metrics – Am I Smiling?

At a conference recently a supposedly wise man said “data is not about keeping scores – it’s about planning your next move”.

15/07/13 by Fiona Proudler

Philips brushes up nicely

Philips bares it's teeth in dig at Colgate's marketing faux pas.

10/07/13 by Nathan Fulwood


We’ve been around a long time. But we love meeting new faces. That is why we were more than happy to sponsor the BIMA Thirstday Edinburgh this past Thursday (4th).

05/07/13 by Rory MacRae

25 years of Just Do it

I was sixteen years old when the Nike ‘Just Do It’ campaign first broke. And I remember the hairs standing up on the back of my neck.

03/07/13 by Don Smith
City of London


Creating memorable marketing moments is what every brand is striving to do these days. They can be truly powerful when they happen.

01/07/13 by Fiona Proudler

Keep on taking the tablets?

Will tablets still be relevant in 5 year's time?

28/06/13 by Veronika Bridgman

Howzat? We get our whites on.

Spoiler: we let them win.

25/06/13 by Rory MacRae

NACCO & Ektron – Webinar

We’ll be doing a webinar with Ektron at 2 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday 20th June), where we’ll quickly go through some of the challenges NACCO faced when redesigning the Hyster &

19/06/13 by Nathan Fulwood

The Matrix

“Are we living in The Matrix?” is actually a question nobody has bothered asking me on the tube this week, even though I was wearing dark glasses and full length black trenchcoat whilst attempting a 360 degree backflip over the ticket gates at Farringdon (I tweaked a hamstring if you’re interested.)

by Greg Moss

Dispatches – Council Spending

Another nice little microsite we delivered to support Channel 4’s Dispatches. This one is for ‘How Councils Waste Your Money‘ which aired on the 17th June 2013. Working from their

18/06/13 by Nathan Fulwood

Ektron & The Modern Marketing Manifesto

Ashley Freidlein at eConsultancy recently presented his Modern Marketing Manifesto (MMM from now on for short), and we’ve got a lot of time for it. It’s a concise, straight talking

17/06/13 by Nathan Fulwood


For as long as I remember we've talked in Marketing about B2B and B2C. But how does that work given we're no longer in a world of "marketing at".

14/06/13 by Fiona Proudler
Cardnet Blog


We just launched a new site for Lloyds TSB’s merchant services arm – Cardnet. The card payment / merchant services space is changing rapidly, with new entrants to the market

10/06/13 by Nathan Fulwood
Blog Milt

I ❤ NY

Recently our Executive Creative Director Don Smith was over in NY catching up with friends. He managed to grease palms and pull in favours to wrangle a cup of tea

by Nathan Fulwood
Blog Bowling


We love our clients – not only do they constantly challenge us to deliver great work, but they are also great to hang out with, and not averse to a

by Nathan Fulwood
Tribes Blog

What tribe are you?

Calling it a ‘youth segmentation survey’ isnt really selling it, so we’d love you to check out our new Tribes experience for Channel 4. Youngsters can find out if they

by Nathan Fulwood

Ektron EU Conference, July

Has it really been a year since the last Ektron EU Conference? It seems so, as 2nd July sees the great and the good of the Ektron community converge on

11/06/13 by Nathan Fulwood

The future’s bright, the future’s an orange cloud

Last week’s e-consultancy Future of Digital Marketing conference proved to be another inspirational day. Apparently we can’t invent a future if it looks reasonable. It needs to look unreasonable or it’s simply the present.

10/06/13 by Fiona Proudler