Welcome to the show!

Life insurance can be a confusing business. Navigating your way through the array of questions - number of dependants, amount of cover and type of cover can be a minefield. That's why Royal London came to us with the task of developing a tool which would help engage and educate their audience on all aspects of life insurance.

Like ourselves, Royal London enjoy a bit of theatre, so we decided to bring that to the user by developing their own Theatre of Life to enlighten, educate and of course entertain.

The show is about to begin, so find your seat and get yourself comfortable as we take you through the Four Acts of Life Insurance.


The Four Acts of Life Insurance


A bit about life insurance

Life insurance does not have to be a headache. Let us give you some quick guidance so that you can get started with a bang!


How long do I need cover?

Your length of cover is based on how long your dependants will have to rely on you, so let our photographer give you an idea of your family portrait.


How much cover do I need?

Our narrator takes on the guise of Madame Fate, looking into her crystal ball to see how much cover you require to cover your needs.


What product do I choose?

It is important that your life insurance product suits your needs. That's why our tailor takes you through the array of products on offer.


Starting from scratch

We wanted our theatrical production to be one-of-a-kind.
Working with Royal London, we developed a humorous story with our narrator as the lead protagonist with an array of animated backdrops and props to boot!


Consideration and craft, in every detail

After constructing our stage and narrative to our play, we soon realised that we needed an extra pair of stage-hands to help produce our assets to the desired standard.

We soon got in touch with the talented Jonas Bergstrand who helped us hand-draw every asset, in every pose, with every costume change possible. A big feat by any standard, but the finished result blew us away. 

The detail involved in each and every asset from characters to stage signage brought our theatrical production to life and truly made it one-of-a-kind.


Numerous layers, beautifully constructed

There is a lot going on in the Theatre of Life.
Backdrops, numerous animated layers and sound effects all in addition to our content. Needless to say, not only is it a bit of a head-scratcher putting all this together, but making sure the layers of video, imagery and sound effects were efficient and processor-friendly was imperative to its success.


A sense of theatre, regardless of device

When we designed and built Royal London's website, we did it mobile-first, so it was key that our Theatre of Life not only worked across all devices but provided the same spectacle and experience to their customers.


Lights, camera, action!