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BBC Unearthed

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What we did

Brand Consultancy
Experience Mapping
Experience Design
Platform Build


We took part in a BBC Connected Studio event that posed the question: does immersive, interactive digital video enhance a viewer's experience of a story more than traditional linear video? Based on the ideas we pitched, we were chosen to create a prototype for Taster, the BBC's open testing site.

Focusing on an upcoming BBC natural history series, we wanted to help audiences explore an animal's world – by immersing them in a unique digital ecosystem.

So we asked:

  • What’s it like to be a hummingbird in the rainforest?
  • And how can we share that experience?
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Defining a narrative

This isn’t just about watching.

This is about taking part in the challenges faced by a hummingbird as it navigates its world. Our story follows a hummingbird’s day from waking up in the jungle to finding food and avoiding danger.

360° video and binaural audio allows us to see and hear the hummingbird’s environment as it changes throughout the day, while expert narration helps us gain an insight into the challenges of the hummingbird’s life.

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Creative exploration


It is important that Unearthed didn't feel or look like a prototype, so we produced everything from the ground up.

A branded title that seamlessly connects to the brand, balanced with beautiful typography and elegant graphical devices.


Bringing content to life

User focus should be directed towards the footage and interaction, so we ensured we implemented a minimal, but extremely well-considered interface.

Sound helps us understand our surrounding environment.

By collaborating with the BBC's audio specialists we created an innovative, one-of-a-kind, binaural experience that allowed us to immerse our users into the hummingbird's habitat.

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Crafting to perfection

Narration was recorded, footage had been edited, binaural audio had been produced. Now, it was now time for creativity and technology to work together in harmony.

Unearthed was developed, tested, functionality was added, tweaks were made and late nights were arranged. Every team member ensured each individual element had been crafted to perfection and no stone was left unturned. 

BBC---Bima---image.jpg even picked up a BIMA Award for the best immersive experience