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Digital Campaign


Ella’s Kitchen take a ‘kids first’ approach to making tasty, natural 100% organic food for babies and kids. That means always looking at the world through the eyes of a little one, questioning what they would like to see, feel, smell, hear and taste. Everything is crafted to stimulate their senses and to surprise and delight them. 

Realise mums and dads have been using the Ella’s Kitchen range of fun, colourful, squishy packs of goodness for years. So when Ella’s Kitchen challenged us to create a brand activation event in the Netherlands that would build love and recognition for Ella’s Kitchen in a ‘kids first’ way, we looked to our own little ones for inspiration. 


A feast for the senses

After seeing how their own weaning babies seemed to experience flavours with an intensity that suggested a sensory experience that grown-ups lack, the Realise parents came up with an interesting idea: What if babies experience new flavours as a synesthesia-like event? This idea really took off when the phenomena our parents had observed in their children was scientifically proven in a study from the University of California, San Diego. 

The study is the first confirmation of the infant-synesthesia hypothesis – basically that babies really do taste colours and see flavours. To bring this to life, we created a video showcasing the way our little ones experience food featuring an interactive pop up tasting booth for parents: the Synesthesia pod.


The Amsterdam event

As well as featuring the video on their Dutch Facebook page, Ella’s Kitchen used it to promote a competition for parents in Amsterdam to experience food the way their weaning baby does. The lucky winners, alongside a group of selected bloggers and journalists, came along to the NEMO science museum in Amsterdam to try out the synesthesia pod for themselves. 

Stepping inside the pod was the beginning of a fully immersive, interactive experience stimulating all five senses. Following the instructions on our animated video, the adults popped on the red Ella’s headphones, lifted the cloche to reveal a basket of succulent strawberries then 3…2…1… took a bite!

As soon as the strawberry flavour flooded their taste buds the synesthesia experience began with light changes, colourful animations, increased strawberry scent, funky music and a whirl of red balloons that had people dancing and smiling - just like little ones do when they first experience that same bite of sweet fruit flavour. 

By helping parents experience the intense joy and surprise their babies experience when tasting foods, the campaign got them excited about moving their kids on to solid food and testing out the Ella’s range.