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We’ve been working in digital for twenty years and have witnessed numerous technology shifts in that time. Some are short lived blips, others are fundamental changes that affect how business is done online.  

One of the most exciting developments in the last three years is the move towards cloud-based marketing platforms. There are now a number of options available dependant on technology, business need and investment. One of the leading platforms is Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud.

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In our opinion, Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (DXC) provides the perfect technology platform for businesses and brands that need speed, flexibility and security for their digital web estates.

It’s also far more than a content management system. Episerver DXC is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that combines key technology, features and functions that organisations are increasingly reliant on to power their digital marketing efforts.

The platform is configured to ensure the optimal performance of Episerver and comes with a number of benefits straight out of the box. Take a look at the overview below and visit the Episerver DXC service description page for a full list.

Episerver DXC Licenses

If you have multiple domains, or multiple websites, then one of the benefits of Episerver DXC is that all license costs, including those for testing/QA, pre production and live environments are included in the fee.  

SSL is also included as standard - a key consideration based on Google’s preference for security certification.

Microsoft Azure Hosting

Episerver DXC is hosted by Microsoft Azure. This has a number of key benefits for your business. Firstly, it’s cloud based and extremely secure, meeting all of the key compliance standards and certifications.

Secondly, it’s a managed service with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Perfect if your website is business critical.


Episerver Find

Episerver Find, a powerful onsite search engine, is Included as part of Episerver DXC.

Episerver Fine is multilingual and based on tags that you, your team, or your agency create in the CMS. It provides guided, predictive search, helping users to quickly find what they need. It’s also based on behavioural learning, continually optimising search results based on previous user behaviour.

Episerver Find also plays a key role in creating personalised landing pages. Episerver can create landing pages based on search results, behaviours and visitor data automatically, saving your team hours of time.

All of this means more relevant content served to your customers, helping drive website conversions over a shorter period of time.

For more information on Episerver Find, visit the Episerver website.

24/7 Episerver Support

Episerver DXC is a managed service. This means Episerver staff are on hand 24/7. They proactively help their clients make the most of their site, resolving issues and queries promptly and efficiently without any extra cost to you.


Episerver DXC Software

Episerver DXC provides numerous certified integrations and connectors to major software and technology products including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

Product information management, digital asset management, marketing automation and analytics products are also easily integrated with pre-built connectors. This helps ensure all of your systems are working together achieving a ‘360 degree view’.

Realise and Episerver

Reasons to choose Realise for your Episerver project:

  • Twenty years of development experience across all major technology platforms

  • We are an Episerver Premium Partner

  • Episerver Partner of the Year 2016

  • We’ve delivered the largest global roll out of Episerver DXC in the world: a total of 65 websites on one instance of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud for the English Football League. 

  • We have over 30 of the country's best front and back end developers continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with CMS and technology platforms.




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