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Episerver Support and Maintenance

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The fun doesn’t end when a website goes live. Regular website support and maintenance is arguably one of the most important pieces of activity you can do; keeping the site performing as expected for your business and its users ensuring code updates, bug fixes and redirects are implemented quickly (to avoid SEO penalties), and that any new bugs are promptly understood and fixed to provide the highest quality visitor experience.  

Realise have the knowledge, experience, and capability to keep your Episerver website, whether it’s hosted on-premise or on Episerver DXC, performing at its very best at all times.

This includes general maintenance, code upkeep and updates and, if needed, continual conversion rate optimisation.


Episerver support team

Our dedicated website helpdesk and support team includes over 45 members of staff and can provide scalable first, second and third line support.

Any issues you raise are triaged, managed and then resolved by our UK based developers, based in our Edinburgh, Liverpool, and London offices. If the issue sits with a third party (your hosting provider, for example) Realise can liaise directly with them to quickly identify the cause before suggesting the best solution.  

The team consists of every skill set needed to keep websites performing at their optimum, including developers, content specialists, quality assurance roles and designers.

You team is scalable and fully flexible to your requirements, meaning you can use the roles needed when you need them most. Even at weekends.


Episerver BAU

Our support teams can also provide business as usual (BAU) tasks on your site including content changes and copywriting, content upload and testing, and general content management tasks.

We can create landing pages for your campaigns, perform general CMS hygiene (tagging, meta-data creation etc.) and global CMS administration.

Infact, our support team often know a clients website better than they do themselves!

We have content management processes, developed over twenty years working with highly regulated financial services businesses, that are specifically designed to ensure our clients support and maintenance needs are met quickly, but more importantly, accurately.

24/7 Episerver support

Episerver DXC comes with 24/7/365 platform support as standard which means platform level issues are monitored and resolved by Episerver themselves.

If you are not using the DXC platform, and using a standard Episerver CMS or Episerver commerce licence, then our support team can be on hand 24/7. 

Proactive website testing and optimisation

Getting the most from your website involves more than just maintaining the code base.

To really drive website performance you need to consider proactive optimisation activity. This includes:

  • A/B testing

  • The installation and monitoring of tracking tools to understand visitor behaviour

  • Analytics reviews to generate actionable insight

  • Usability activity to help inform continual conversion rate optimisation.

This activity is all geared toward improving the conversion of your key site goals, whether that’s to increase downloads, sales or enquiries.

For more detail on this service please visit our usability and website testing page.


Episerver Premium Partner

Realise were awarded Episerver Premium Partner status in 2016 and have implemented the largest Episerver Digital Experience Cloud to date: 65 websites for the English Football League.

In 2016 we were also named Partner of The Year acknowledging our experience and capability in working with the Episerver platform.

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If you are looking for a support and maintenance, BAU, or CMS administration partner then please get in touch using the form below and our team will arrange for a more detailed conversation. If you would prefer to speak to the team directly please call: 0207 749 3600.


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