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Transforming an american icon

To be asked to bring a 100 year old American icon through a digital transformation is a huge compliment. But when you win a project like this, there's no time for self congratulation. It's time to prove what you can do. To roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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Transforming the

Greyhound has significant growth ambitions, and the strategy for the transformation is a simple one:  leverage digital platforms to boost travel frequency with existing passengers and increase the number of new customers. All whilst developing a brand which stands as an American icon and creating a brand platform for engagement with the audience across all channels. Simple. 


Putting a strategy in place

With the management team at Greyhound, we structured a programme of work to help define the digital strategy. The end-to-end process was driven by insight gathering and user validation, essential for e-commerce at this scale. 

After immersion in the company's 5 year plan and a process of defining and baselining the metrics we wanted to perform against, we moved into outside factors of market positioning and functional analysis against the customer's expectation for a modern transport brand in digital.

Only then did we get started on planning the cornerstone in the new digital strategy. The new Greyhound website.

Greyhound - iphone design visual.png

Telling honest stories

Our vast amount of user insight work told us that we needed customers to feel a connection to their fellow travellers and the staff behind the brand.

We connected with travellers on social media and found some to follow with a Brooklyn based film crew. We shot stunning and heart warming stories of Greyhound customers and the reasons they travel.

Each one representing one of our personas from our user research. 

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Understanding customers

Ensuring that customer insight is part of an on-going optimisation cycle involves careful planning. We ensured that every step in the customer journey was measured from first touch, to ticket purchase and beyond.

With advanced measurement allowing cross-device analysis and full e-commerce attribution, we ensured there was a comprehensive measurement solution in place that offered a unique view into the customer experience, and delivered the insight needed to understand the benefits of the transformation. even picked up a BIMA Award for best digital transformation

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Over the past year Greyhound has worked with Realise over several different projects ranging from customer engagement strategy to website design and development. Realise has consistently delivered across all projects and has become a trusted long term partner to Greyhound in our transformation strategy. The Realise team is engaged and invested in the success of Greyhound.
— Todd Koch, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at Greyhound