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Naked Wines in association with 11 partner brands wanted a campaign that would encourage people to take a break from the supermarkets for a month. That’s how Supermarket Siesta was born. The primary objective of the campaign was to encourage people to discover a new way to shop outside of the mainstream supermarkets and show them the quality, provenance, range and superiority of online shopping choices.  For example, why continue to pick up that same bottle of plonk from the shelves when you could buy better wine for less money with Naked Wines and support independent winemakers in the process?

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Bringing the campaign concept to life

We worked closely with Naked Wines to refine the campaign concept and direction to maximise reach to new and existing customers. The result was a landing page that provided equal space for each brand to tell their unique stories and promote a competition for people who purchased in September. We also created animated GIFs showing the three step sign up and purchase process in an engaging way. And created the design for printed inserts promoting the campaign for existing customers who had placed orders in the weeks running up to the campaign launch. The page featured a video telling the story of the Supermarket Siesta campaign using beautiful, inspirational imagery related to the brands involved. We helped craft the on-page copy and develop consistent, appealing messaging.

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September was siesta month

The campaign launched with a flagship event at a London location showcasing the best of each brand. Whether you were interested in trying your hand at icing biscuits, wine tasting or finding superior treats for your pet pooch it was all there at the Supermarket Siesta launch event. 




During the campaign month we provided social media monitoring and support using Juicer to bring in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook content created by each brand onto the social media section of the campaign landing page.  


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