Realisers are quick on the draw


Google recently launched QuickDraw, a game that pits real people’s (sometimes dubious) drawing skills against the guessing skills of a neural network.

If these dubious representations of everyday objects are anything to go by we think the QuickDraw A.I. must be pretty smart. After all if you woke up one morning with no knowledge of the world and had to learn what these objects were from these scribbles would you do as well

Hurricane or hurried scribble? QuickDraw got it right.

quickdraw 1.png

Saxophone or man with really bad cold? Again QuickDraw was on the money.

quickdraw 2.png

What do you call a zebra without stripes? QuickDraw didn’t know either. 

quickdraw 3.png

A zombie arm or an elbow? No problem for QuickDraw.

quickdraw 4.png

There’s not much between a trumpet and a baseball, but QuickDraw still got it.

quickdraw 5.png

Why not have a go for yourself. After all the more you draw the more the neural network learns.

Anne Ratigan