Snap your way to success: Campaigning with Snapchat


Everyone has either heard or used Snapchat by now, so I won’t bore you of the A –Z list of how it works. However, what I will enlighten you with is the engaging power it could have as part of your marketing strategy.

Increase Brand Awareness

Besides users producing generic snaps of Friday night drinks and casual birthday suit portraits to their latest Tinder sweetheart, Snapchat has become a heavily used social platform for increasing brand awareness. With over 100 million users it is by no means a surprise that some big names already incorporate Snapchat into their marketing strategy - Sky Sports, Daily Mail, Buzzfeed  to name a few.

The reason it works so well, and why I love the app, is that it simplifies messages into short teaser clips direct to your mobile. It’s informative, straight to the point and easy to digest.

Get your audience involved

Snapchat presents an additional marketing channel to help complement the more traditional means of campaigning. Tried and tested ideas for Snapchat include special promotions, behind the scenes footage, access to live events or even an exclusive product launch. Such incentives get your audience actively involved with your campaign and can help strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer.

Just look at the Taco Bell campaign. Add a taco to your photo filter and send in your snap. Simplistic, entertaining and generated a momentous response from the public (over 224 million views - I know right?). A DJ even wants to Snapchat a live feed of his child’s birth… Not for everyone, or anyone who is normal for that matter.  

Be relevant, get creative

I’m not suggesting your business jumps on the Snapchat bandwagon. Examine your audience before implementing a sound strategy for this medium.  It may not be right for you.

However should you decide to go down this route, get creative, give the campaign purpose and have fun along the way!

Most importantly, stand out and try something different.

Joe Barker