Take a Supermarket Siesta


Now at Realise we love a glass of white, red and especially rosé.
So when Naked Wines approached us to help launch their Supermarket Siesta campaign we said yes right away. 

Naked Wines don’t just sell wine they fund talented, independent winemakers. Their 170,000 UK ‘Angel’ customers save £20 per month in their online piggy bank. That money is then used to fund talented independent winemakers. And in return the Angels get great tasting, exclusive wines at insider prices.

The aim of the Supermarket Siesta Campaign is to challenge people to take a break from the supermarket this September, swapping some of their weekly supermarket purchases for a variety of artisanal products from a range of producers and suppliers committed to quality, value and convenience. Naked Wines alongside 11 other partner brands have come together to offer consumers who buy in September exclusive discounts, offers and competitions in order to help them to ‘Buy better. Live Better’.  

supermarket siesta.jpg

Increasingly consumers are buying things with their conscience at the forefront of the decision making process. With supermarkets still under the shadow of food contamination headlines more people than ever are looking for alternative ways to source the things they love. That alongside an increase in curious consumers looking for convenience and quality means there is a real opportunity for small business owners offering artisanal products to show consumers there is an alternative, better way to buy.

Realise working closely with Naked Wines and the partner brands designed and built the Supermarket Siesta campaign landing page which allows people to explore the partner brands and encourages them to take the Supermarket Siesta challenge this September. Alongside this, we designed an insert that will be placed within the partner brands product dispatches throughout September. 

If you fancy seeing how you could shake up your shopping habits by taking a #SupermarketSiesta this September check out the products on offer and don’t forget there are lots of great competitions to enter too! 

Anne Ratigan