Realise scoop two BIMA awards!


We're absolutely delighted to report that Realise won not just one, but TWO BIMA awards last night!

BIMA represent the digital industry in the UK so we are thrilled to be recognised by them.

Congrats to all the nominees and winners!

Our BBC Unearthed project scooped the 'Immersive' trophy.  

BIMA 2016.jpg

As part of a BBC Connected Studio event we wanted to help audiences explore an animal's world – by immersing them in a unique digital ecosystem. So we asked: what’s it like to be a hummingbird in the rainforest? And how can we share that experience?

We created a 360° video and binaural audio allowing us to see and hear the hummingbird’s environment as it changes throughout the day, while expert narration gave an insight into the challenges of the Hummingbird’s life.

In the end we created 6,164 lines of Javascript, used 4 terabytes of 4K footage, recorded 5,940 wing beats and had 1,400 shares in the first week of launch.

And the Greyhound Digital Transformation project scooped the Consumer Services Award.

bima 2016 2.jpg

Our work with Greyhound was all about getting existing customers travelling more often and to get new customers thinking about bus travel rather than driving or taking a train or plane.

We worked to define an end-to-end process that included digital strategy, user-testing, design and brand personality development. Through our strategy process we created a digital personality and values system for the brand. How it should feel to interact with the brand, and how it should behave in times of promotion and support. We then started to bring that to life, turning theory into principles, and then into creative exploration and a finally a detailed plan for content.

The results show that our customer focused approach has paid off with the new help and information content driving a 3% increase in conversion rate leading to over $2 million revenue increase since launch. And new inspirational content drove e-commerce traffic and delivered $150,000 in added revenue.

Anne Ratigan