Am I Relevant?


Agencies can at times get a little hung up on their blog posts and whether they’ve put enough out there (the best agencies are too busy working on the clients’ work to write them).

But surely it’s not about quantity but quality.

After all, we preach this message all the time to our clients. Use content to engage your audiences, deliver something relevant to them that they will want to share.

And so it is then, as Managing Director of a successful agency, that I should ensure I put out something that our audience will find relevant and want to share.

But what is that in today’s often hard-to-fathom world? Agencies, more than ever, are questioning where they fit for their clients. And rightly so. We should be ensuring that our place is secure, and that our value is hard to put a price on, by delivering a service that is entirely fit for purpose to the changing environments and outlooks that our clients face.

They’ve not found it easy so neither should we. The ability to flex and adapt to the changing demands of the end user has put unparalleled pressure on our clients, who often have not been given the necessary personal development or training to be able to keep up with the latest thinking or trends in the market. It’s why we can play such an important role in education (or just hand holding) around some of the key topics – to keep them on a safe path and to help them journey across some of the trickier terrain.

The end user is always on and therefore many of our clients are finding the need to create marketing structures that can operate around the clock. The agency too therefore must have mobile and flexible workforces that can support 24/7 demands and the call for more “on site” resource.

The currency of ideas remains potent. There are never enough good ones. Agencies often hold the monopoly on attracting the very best talent and therefore tend to be better placed to support ideation and innovation in a way that corporates may struggle to emulate. To this day I get no better pleasure than seeing a concept get presented that I know the client will find hard to resist (the flip side is true – nothing hurts more than looking at some of the work on the “cutting room floor” – the ones that got away as we might call them).

The definition of relevance is “to be closely connected”. And that closeness between agency and client is greater than ever. This is the Age of Collaboration, about being not one team but “one mind” on a problem. And titles, divisions, physical barriers and fears need to be pushed aside to allow collaboration to properly flourish.

And as the saying goes “never question the relevance of truth, but always question the truth of relevance.”

Fiona Proudler