Guess Their Age

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We've said it before and we will say it again but working at Realise doesn't really feel like working, it’s more like going out to play with your friends. Creating wonderful new online experiences and having fun whilst we are doing it is at the heart of our culture. Innovation naturally thrives within this environment and ideas regularly emerge from the team that are too good not to develop further and share with the rest of the world. A brilliant example of this is Guess Their Age ( which launched this week and is already making waves throughout the celebrity obsessed online communities. On its first day it received over 100,000 hits across a 6 hour period and was receiving 4500 new visitors every minute.

Using The Movie Database (TMDB) to supply imagery and age data, the site asks you to guess the age of various celebrities, with the answers more often than not surprising you. The result is an extremely addictive game which leaves you constantly trying to better your own and your friends score which they have usually (very smugly) shared on Facebook.

Not only is the game great fun to play, it’s fully responsive. So if you are in need of being distracted from that increasing to do list why not give it a go. Ultimate procrastination guaranteed.

Emma Murray