Contentful Meetup


AmazeRealise were proud to host our first Contentful developer meetup last night.  We had over 40 attendees - technology often lives and dies by the breadth and depth of the community ecosytem so to see such a turnout was extremely positive. AmazeRealise are committed to supporting both Contentful and the community.

The meetup is an informal get together where users of the platform can share ideas, network and learn about new features and the platform roadmap.  Along with this there were two excellent technical talks:

  1. Implementing Contentful with GraphQL
  2. Creating static marketing sites with NextJS and Contentful

In their own words, Contentful provides a "content infrastructure that enables teams to power content in any digital product".

The digital estate has significantly broadened in recent times; marketers and their teams are now managing content that has to power a vast array of channels from traditional websites through to mobile applications, digital signage, kiosks, voice assistants and more extreme examples such as on-train entertainment systems. The list will keep on growing - this is the "Web 3.0" if you will.

To keep up with this explosion, the traditional marketing CMS vendors have adapted their products to cater for these new use cases.  The term "headless" is often used to describe their channel agnosticism.  However, when scratching the surface beyond the marketing rhetoric, we find these platforms can often require very significant development investment as well as additional licensing - all of which drives up TCO and increases time to market.  Worse, you are left with a sub-optimal solution to the problem, the proverbial sledgehammer to crack the nut.

Contentful was built from the ground up to deliver in this world, meaning teams are now able focus effort and budget on content creation, free from unnecessary overhead and convoluted ways of working.  Brands now have a genuine single repository of truth for their marketing content which developers are able to leverage in almost any imaginable way – meaning the latest platforms, tools and techniques are all available to deliver brilliant results quickly and at scale. 

At AmazeRealise we believe in creating human advantage, and we are passionate about working with products that enable our beliefs to be realised for our clients. 

If you would like to learn more about how we can make Contentful work for your business, please get in touch with our Commercial Director, Neil Clayton.

Martin Paton