Feel Good. Real Good.


Our MD, Fiona Proudler shouting about how you can get involved as a brand in a truly inspirational cause.


Pay attention. Important work to be done here. 

Cancer Research UK – one of the most important charities around today and it will likely impact on every one of us.

Stand Up to Cancer (with Channel 4) – one of the best and genuinely most exciting fundraising platforms. 

“Sound & Vision” (4th October 2018) at Abbey Road Studios, London – (guaranteed to be) one of the best nights you could ever have (if in doubt ask me the story of what happened last year) where you can expect hundreds of thousands of pounds to be raised over an amazing dinner amongst a truly exclusive crowd of VIPs and high rollers.

Celebrities, rebels, cause fighters. Stand up. Raise money. Save lives.

But how I hear you ask?

I’m giving my time to help the amazing team at SU2C find brands to get involved as sponsors/event partners. Or to find brands, and people that work for them, that want to, simply, feel good about giving something back. 

If you are a brand owner and you want a way to get involved with "Sound & Vision" or any aspect of Stand Up to Cancer then please shout.

If you know someone who works for a brand that is relevant then please shout.

If you are in Corporate Social Responsibility and want to be part of it then please shout!

If you like celebrities and have a story involving Gerry Butler then ...you’re not alone.

Fiona Proudler