High rolling in Las Vegas: Ascend USA Episerver Conference 2018


This month we attended Ascend in Las Vegas for Episerver’s flagship conference. We are a leading premium partner and took the opportunity this year to be a platinum sponsor.

The team and I packed our bags which included people from across the offices of AmazeRealise. The conference was a great opportunity to meet with like-minded clients, companies and agencies at the Aria Hotel and Resort.

Amaze Realise balls.jpg

Day 1 highlights – Partner Day / Opening night

First thing Sunday we set up our stand and got ready for the coming days.

It was ‘Partner Day’ on Sunday which allowed us to get a better understanding of the new features and future direction of the platform. There are some exciting new features which are going to help us deliver the best customer experience for our clients.

That evening was our sponsored opening night of the conference. Everybody had a great time dancing to the live DJ, sampling our signature cocktail ‘The Ascendant’ and hearing about how AmazeRealise are one of the leading Episerver partners.

Episerver ascend cocktail.jpg

We didn’t allow the jet lag to beat us and the team headed out after the opening party to get acquainted with the Las Vegas strip.

Day 2 highlights

On Monday the conference kicked off with CMO and VP of Strategy James Norwood talking about the recent successes of the platform and how we need to continue putting the customer experience at the heart of what we do.

Digital helps with the customer journey but the importance of human interaction with critical moments of truth still needs to happen.

The second keynote was from Gartner and continued the theme of the conference around the importance of delivering exceptional customer experience. It also highlighted some interesting research on the future of voice search and asked if companies have a strategy and plan in place to utilise this new channel.

By 2020, 30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen.

Throughout the day there were numerous sessions providing updates on the new Episerver features (Find, Perform and Reach) and companies talking about their successes using the platform.

Paul Diamond, our Client Services Director had the opportunity to present our successful project with the English Football League (EFL) which is still the largest deployment of DXC globally. It involved the deployment of 65 club websites to the platform in nine months and training 183 users. This session had one of the highest attendances which demonstrates how interested people are in this project.

In the evening we attended the Code Bash and we were one of the finalists. Our idea, ‘Match’ was about the use of the Episerver platform in retail stores helping bridge the gap between the customer experience in a physical store and online.


We came second and the idea has already been proposed to a few of our clients who seem excited about what it could offer to them. That night our stand was one of the most visited with queues of eager people getting their portraits done by our caricaturist and at the same time finding out more about AmazeRealise. Check out our tweet to see our team caricature.

Day 3 highlights

The keynote from day three was hosted by Shawn Anchor on the ‘happiness advantage’ looking at the relationship between happiness and success in the workplace.

We look for negatives at the beginning and therefore we block the process to find the happiness.

The team continued to have great discussions at our stand and attended some insightful workshops. It was great to hear from our client Walmart on how we helped with the successful deployment of their global extranet from Ektron to the DXC platform.

The closing party was an eye-popping event that allowed us to celebrate the conference and the new connections we had made. The highlight were the numerous dance-offs between agencies and companies with the AmazeRealise team throwing down shapes with the best of them.

Day 4 highlights

The conference wasn’t finished just yet and before we flew home we had our first meeting as part of the Episerver Partner Inner Circle program. This program is for the top tier partners to provide input into the future direction of the Episerver platform.  

As the plane took off from McCarran International airport we reflected on the conference. The team made many valuable connections and helped us understand how we continue to be at the forefront of the Episerver platform. Looking back one thing was certain, the importance of delivering exceptional experiences through building customer centric platforms. For us that is about creating a human advantage.

Ascend London

We are already looking forward to London Ascend on the 10th May where we will be the lead sponsor and continue to share our insights into exemplary customer experience, what’s required to accelerate innovation and how as a leading partner for Episerver we can lead you forward with success. Get the full story on our Episerver Ascend page.

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Neil Clayton