Clever thinking. Beautifully executed.

Stand up. Raise cash.
Take cancer out.
What we did

TV idents
Social assets
Behind the scenes footage


The Stand Up to Cancer campaign is an annual fundraising event created by Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 to support progress in life-saving cancer research.  

The campaign motivates people to rebel against cancer. After all cancer has been oppressing us for too long. Attacking grannies and kids. Going after our boobs, balls and other bits. Hitting the same people over and over again. It’s one of the biggest problems facing humanity and it cannot be allowed to continue.

This year Coty Inc. one of the world’s leading beauty companies and their brand Wella Professionals are joining the fight by sponsoring the Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) Celebrity Goggle Box and Celebrity First Dates specials.


Proud to be part of it

We are really proud to be involved with such a great cause and excited to be able to do something to bring in more cash for seriously clever science.

Our task was to create dual TV idents around the ad breaks for both programmes. To help increase awareness and support for the campaign we also created a social activation plan and the corresponding assets for Wella and SU2C owned channels. This included:

  • Facebook competition assets
  • Organic social posts
  • Email assets for Wella’s CRM database
  • Blog post
  • Assets for SU2C landing page
  • Behind the scenes footage

What’s more, we had just 8 weeks to deliver from start to finish.


More than meets the eye

We worked with SU2C and Coty to develop the campaign concept ‘more than meets the eye’ making sure everything was compliant and met both brands’ needs for the campaign.

The campaign demonstrated the skill-set of professional hair stylists. Drawing ties between what they do and a wide variety of other roles, from best mate to soap star, crucially all linking back to the programme content.

It presented them as creators, setting up their toolkits, mixing dye and plugging in equipment, all coupled with a welcoming smile.

Using text on screen, it cleverly re-positioned the hairdresser mixing dye as a ‘Mixologist’, or carefully showing a client a style book as a ‘Connoisseur’. The concept allowed the idents to link to the progammes as well as drawing on the emotional relationship many people have with their hairdressers.

The campaign emphasized the personal connection between the hair stylist and client; they can be different things to different people or many things to one. It positions the haircut as a transformational and rewarding activity, elevating the profession and Wella brand.

Both series of ads resolve on the final descriptor, ‘Confidence Booster’. Tying all the titles together under this overarching role highlights it as the most important and positive of all.

The Realise team were wonderful partners for us. Given the speed they worked at, the team remained focused on executing with the highest standards possible and showed a natural creative flair and an intuitive understanding of the hairdressing industry. A brilliant collaboration.
— Kyle Karim, Commercial Director - Coty Professional UK&I

Social outreach results

The response to the campaign has been fantastic, raising money to help fund new cancer research by super smart scientists dedicated to kicking cancer’s butt. 

Facebook: Soap Star Video

  • 192,742 reach

Competition Post

  • 96,971 reach (also there was a 60k reach on SU2C channels) 
  • 191 new page followers +10% vs previous week (PW)
  • 874 page views + 89% vs PW

Instagram: Competition Post

  • 247 followers increased over weekend

Programme viewing figures

First Dates

  • 1.6M live viewers on Thursday
  • £89k raised during the Thursday show


  • 4.2M live viewers on Friday
  • 865k viewers for Sunday repeat
  • £841k raised during the Friday show