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What we did

Experience Design
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We’ve worked with Standard Life for over 19 years now so we’d become very confident in delivering for their brand. When they asked us to create 2 new responsive sites for their merger with Aberdeen Asset Management we were ready to bring all our experience to the table. We created a merged corporate plc website and a new merged investments website within an ambitious 11 week timescale.

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Teamwork gets the job done

We delivered the UX and design while a 3rd party agency built the sites into their CMS. Starting work without initial brand guidelines was a challenge but one we were more than able to meet. The project was agile allowing us to work closely with a core team from Standard Life, Standard Life Investments and Aberdeen Asset Management.


Creating a smooth workflow

We moved away from Photoshop on this project and instead used industry newcomer Sketch. This allowed us to create design templates quickly before taking client feedback in Marvel. Quick decision making was key on this project to meet the timescales so we paired our UX and Creatives with a 3rd party developer who joined us in our offices.

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Ticking all the boxes

In the end, we created 2 newly branded brochureware sites. Each has a clear purpose and offers an efficient user experience. Feedback from senior stakeholders and customers has been overwhelmingly positive.